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Annual Cocktail Robot Awards v18.0

Your robot is supposed to have skills in either one of the following categories:

  1. Serving Cocktails: Your robot must be capable of delivering a pre-prepared mixed drink to a patron.
  2. Mixing Cocktails: Your robot must be able to prepare a mixed Cocktail.
  3. Bartending Conversation, Interaction: Your robot must exhibit interaction/conversation skills befitting a Cocktail Bar situation.
  4. Fire+Smoke / Smoking Culture: Your robot must exhibit Fire and/or Smoke art fitting for a Cocktail environment. Or be helpful in the ritual of smoking cigars, cigarettes, etc.
  5. Other Achievements in the Sector of Cocktail Culture: Carte blanche - convince us your contraption has anything to do with either Cocktails or Robots!
  6. 3D Printed Paraphernalia: A useful small thing used in a bar or in cocktail culture, printed by a 3D printer.
  7. Bar food: Machines that produce and deliver food at the bar, as you need to eat well to keep drinking.

If you want to submit a robot for ACRA v18.0 in 2016, just point out what your cock-bot can do in your own words, include whatever documentation and visual material seems necessary and send it as an e-mail to or send a snail mail to

roboexotica c/o monochrom, Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Wien, Austria EUROPE

The fifth category - other achievements in the sector of cocktail culture - may also be applied for with non-robot gadgets or inventions as well as mere concepts or documented ideas ...

The best robots in each category will be awarded - and there are numerous special prices as well!

The deserving winners of the Annual Cocktail Robot Awards 17.0 (2015) were:

  1. Cocktail Mixing: Robomoji
  2. Drinking Virtual Reality: Oculus Drink
  3. Interaction: Shake Snake
  4. App(lication): Schnapsorgel
  5. Food: Amalettomat
  6. Gamification: Einarmiger Bsuf
  7. Public Choice: Einarmiger Bsuf, Oculus Drink, Shake Snake
  8. Special Award: Minecraft Robot
  9. The Lime: The Frame, Bob der Jägermeister

Again no trophy for smoking culture in 2015 ... well, we got no entries! Maybe we should drop this category? Or maybe your robot can light a cigar?

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