Annual Cocktail Robot Awards v14.0

At Roboexotica 2012 robots will be awarded for their excellence in these categories:

  1. Serving Cocktails: robots capable of delivering a pre-prepared mixed drink to a patron.
  2. Mixing Cocktails: robots preparing a mixed Cocktail.
  3. Bartending Conversation, Interaction: robot that exhibit interaction/conversation skills befitting a Cocktail Bar situation.
  4. Fire+Smoke / Smoking Culture: robots that exhibit Fire and/or Smoke art fitting for a Cocktail environment. Or be helpful in the ritual of smoking cigars, cigarettes, etc.
  5. Other Achievements in the Sector of Cocktail Culture: Carte blanche - convince us your contraption has anything to do with either Cocktails or Robots!

The fifth category - other achievements in the sector of cocktail culture - may also be applied for with non-robot gadgets or inventions as well as mere concepts or documented ideas ...

The best robots in each category will be awarded - and there are numerous special prizes as well!

NEW 2012 category addition:

  • 3D Printed Drinking & Smoking Paraphernalia
  • Please send fotos, videos or any other information about your robot to

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