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Location of Roboexotica 2013:


In 2012 we found a perfect location for Roboexotica - so 2013's event took place at this great and well-known off-space again! It's the Ragnarhof, a fancy packaging factory from the 1920, owned by a bohemien from Berlin ("Wichtig is nischt, dafür ist die Welt zu jross!" - "nothing's important, as the world is too big!"). When he died in 2003 the location slowly mutated to an awe-inspiring creative space. They are proud to host Roboexotica again; we are proud to be there! It is located near Lerchenfelder Gürtel, between Gürtel and Brunnenmarkt. Just a few minutes from Rhiz and Chelsea. Main entrance is at Grundsteingasse 12.

You can reach Ragnarhof via U6 Thaliastraße, tram 46 Thaliastraße and tram lines 2, 5 and 33 Josefstädter Straße. Details can be found here.

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